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List Price US $185, KR \198,000
Net Price US $135, KR \147,000
Delivery charge included US $50 per copy
Size 26cm x 30cm
Pages 660
Color Full Color
Language English, Korean
Cover Hard cover
ISBN 978-89-5770-496-7
Haus am Weinberg, Germany
OLS House,Germany
Villa Di Gioia, Italy
Nest & Cave house, Croatia
L-House, Austria
Autofamily House, Poland
2C House, Italy
2 Houses with 6 Homes, Spain
2 Oaks House,Bulgaria
Villa 4.0, Netherlands
Baladrar House, Spain
Chameleon House, Czech Republic
House U, Croatia
Country House, Italy
House on the cliff, Spain
Sommelier′s Home,Hungary
House T, Austria
Red Bridge House, UK
K′ House, UK
RG House, Spain
Topographic House,Spain
Filothei House, Greece
House N, Austria
Family House Palkovice, Czech Republic
Tree Snake Houses, Portugal
Maison Dalimonte, Luxembourg
ESSM, Spain
Single Family House, France
Golf House, Italy
Villa Arko, Sweden
The Adaptable House, Denmark
Eco-house near the lake of varese,Italy
Twin Blade, Netherlands
Split View Mountain Lodge, Norway
Albizia House, South Africa
SGNW House, South Africa

GM1 House, Colombia
Davie House, USA
Wanka House, Argentina
KVS House, Argentina
Malbaie Ⅷ Residence, Canada
Gallery House, Colombia
Viva House, Peru
Carrillo Residence, USA
Thorncrest Residence, Canada
House S, Mexico
Lake Joseph Boathouse, Canada
Beach House in La Jolla, Peru
Oceano House, Mexico
Tavernier Drive Residence, USA
Glebe Residence, Canada
Batin House, Argentina
Schindler House on Ellis Avenue, USA
Tree House, USA
The Bitner-Sanchez Residence, USA
A House Forever, Peru
House RC, Mexico
Totem House, Canada
Kaprys House, Argentina
PR34 House, Mexico
Shoup Residence, USA
DLC House, Argentina
House in Milan, USA
Tetris House, Canada
12.20 House, Brazil
ALD House, Mexico
Malbaie Ⅵ Maree Basse, Canada
Urban Residence, Brazil

The Longhouse 36, Singapore
The Re-wrapped House, Singapore
House with a yard, Korea
Oshikamo, Japan
Pinetree Residence, Korea
2 Andrew Road, Singapore
Cheongsu-Dang, Korea
Green Edge House, Japan
Yangjeonghyangdang, Korea
Opo House, Korea
Customi-Zip, Korea
Mountain & Opening House, Japan
With Dear, Korea
Lorong M Telok Kurau, Singapore
House with a large hipped roof, Japan
Yangpyeong J House, Korea
FLOW, Japan
A House Awaiting Death, Japan
Busan S-house, Korea
Diamond House, Singapore
Lattice House, Korea
Louver haus, Korea
Clam, Japan
6 Pack, Israel
House of Interlocking Boxes, Singapore
SHIFT, Japan
President Yun′s Home, Korea
Hagi-dong house, Korea
San House, Singapore
The Courtyard House, Singapore
CADRE, Japan
/SLASH, Japan
Jogyeong-dang, Korea
Pangyo Housing, Korea

105V, Australia
Balmain Houses, Australia
Wallaby Lane House, Australia
Winsomere Cres, New Zealand
Hill House, Australia
Breust Residence, Australia
Thornbury House, Australia
Southern Highlands House, Australia
North Avenue House, Australia
Bronte House, Australia

Villa de Y, Korea
Jewell, Australia
The Iceberg, Denmark
Villa Charles, Czech Republic
A sustainable neighborhood in Nantes, France
Condominio Paraiso, Peru
Housing ZAC Claude Bernard, France
YOAP White House, Korea
Alpine Ski Apartments, Slovenia
60 Social housing in Massy, France
Bermondsey Island, UK