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2017 ACA (Architecture Competition Annual) VII, VIII (Set)
List Price US $146, KR \150,000
Net Price US $124, KR \127,500
Size 22cm x 30cm
Pages 304
Color Full Color
Language English, Korean
Cover Hard cover
ISBN Set 978-89-5770-489-9

These series introduce lots of awarded and high ranking works of Annual Architectural Competition. Every year, we present two volumes by theme and the entry works will be constructed in near future.

이 책은 현상설계를 통하여 발표된 당선작, 우수작을 모아 매년 2권씩 테마별로 구분하여 만들었다. 당선작은 앞으로 지어질 건축물이다.




Ulsan Exhibition Convention Center

Cultural Complex Center for Children

The Latvian Museum of Contemporary Art

Suncheon House of Youth Culture

Seawater Green Tea Center

Seoul Animation Center

The New Sylvan Open Air Theatre

Ulsan Children’s Theme Park

Suncheon Art Platform_Winner

Suncheon Art Platform_2nd

Okcheon Traditional Culture Experience Center

Tokyo Pop Lab_Winner

Tokyo Pop Lab_2nd

Tokyo Pop Lab_3rd

Creating Parking Facility Cultural Space

Kimchi Traditional Fermented Foods Complex

The Science City_Winner

The Science City_2nd

The Science City_3rd

London Internet Museum_Winner

London Internet Museum_2nd


Dasan-myeon Governments Complexe Town

Jinju Knowledge Industrial Center

Dongtan Areumdri Center

Hansol-dong Community Center

3rd Welfare Center

Sejong Government Building Complex Facility

2nd HQ of Health Insurance Review Assessment Service

JTBC Broadcasting Production Studio in Ilsan

Parramatta Square Civic and Community Building

Industry-Academy-Research Cluster Support Center

Seoul Mapo Post Office

Samho-eup Office

Hanam City Hall & Council Building Extension

New Town Hall in Uppsala 

Masanhoewon Senior Welfare Center

Election Commission Office

Sejong Government Building Complex Facility

Waste-to-Energy Plant


Bangkok Artists Retreat_Winner

Bangkok Artists Retreat_2nd

Bangkok Artists Retreat_3rd

Mille Arbres

Future Sølund

Yangnam Market

Ugandan LGBT Youth Asylum_Winner

Ugandan LGBT Youth Asylum_2nd

Ugandan LGBT Youth Asylum_3rd

Space Salim_2nd



Chungcheongbuk-do Chungju Office of Education

Songsan Green City 1st Middle School & Culture Center Complex

Haeundae Humanities Library

Cheongju-si Geumcheon Area Library & Culture Center

Korea Polytechnics Gyeonggi North Campus

Varna Library_Winner

Varna Library_2nd

Varna Library_3rd

Chungbuk National University Glocal Education·Sports Center

New Building of Technical University of Munich

The Shanghai Library East Hall

Chungbuk Special Education Center

Waterworks Research Institute Extension

Tel Aviv University

Melbourne Tattoo Academy_Winner

Melbourne Tattoo Academy_2nd

Melbourne Tattoo Academy_3rd

Aarhus School of Architecture_Winner

Aarhus School of Architecture_Winner

Aarhus School of Architecture_Winner


Eunma Apartment Rebuilding

Imsil Rural Rental Housing

Jinju Nammunsan Rental Housing

Incheon Seochang 2-13BL New Stay

Siheung Janghyeon B-6BL New Stay


Wohnen am Gleisdreieck

Youth Housing in Vienna


Busan Ilgwang District 3BL Public Housing

Changwon Jaeun 3 District S-1 Block Public Rental Ritz

Hwaseong Dongtan A67BL Housing

Gimpo Hangang Aa-12BL Housing

Pangyo Creative Economy Valley District Happyhouse

Seoul Hwikyung Happyhouse

Syria Post War Housing_Winner

Syria Post War Housing_2nd

Syria Post War Housing_3rd

A-maze Charlotte


Yeosu Sports Center for the Disabled

Cheongju Indoor Ice Rink

Western Sports Center

Chungju Sports Center for the Disabled

Medical Complex Development(Phase 2)

Yesan Community Health Center

Pyeongchang Medical Center

Cannabis Bank_Winner

Cannabis Bank_2nd

Cannabis Bank_3rd

New Church in Sydhavnen

New Ulstein Church