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세계우수건축대학 졸업작품집 1
World Arch-student Best Project Selection 1 _Graduation Works
List Price US $135, KR \135,000
Net Price US $115, KR \115,000
Size 22cm x 30cm
Pages 512
Color Full Color
Language English, Korean
Cover Hard cover
ISBN 978-89-5770-845-3
「World Arch-Student Best Project Selection 1 _Graduation Works」 selected and contained a total of 110 best graduation works from 54 architectural colleges (graduate schools) in 27 countries. In particular, this book expanded its horizons to the Middle East region, which were not covered before, and newly organized the topographic map of the world′s best architectural schools. 
The works published in this book are expected to meet the best works of recent graduates and will be a reference for architecture students who will be the main readers of this book to fill the gaps in learning caused by the COVID-19 and get new ideas and broad insights.

「세계우수건축대학 졸업작품집 1」은 27개국 54개 대학 건축대학(원)생의 최우수 졸업작품 총 110점을 선정하여 수록했다. 특히, 본서는 그동안 잘 다루어지지 않았던 중동지역까지 시야를 확장하여 세계 최우수건축학교의 지형도를 새로이 편성하였다.
근년 졸업한 학생들의 최우수작품을 충분히 만나볼 수 있으리라 기대하며, 본서의 주된 독자가 될 건축학도(학생) 여러분들에게 코로나로 인한 배움의 공백을 메우고 새로운 아이디어와 폭넓은 혜안을 얻을 수 있는 참고서가 되기를 바란다.






Architectural Association School of Architecture

Theatrum Botanicum A garden of care and concrete abstraction


Hyperglazed Hyperdensity

A new form of public space, conceived as a cross-breed between a Time-City Archive & a Street Market

École Nationale Supérieure d′Architecture de Versailles

Data Center - Evidence of immatetiality



Polytechnic University of Turin

New York re-Horizon: Laboratory West Chelsea


La Cecilia Neighborhood - A design scenario for a visible and resilient city

Restoration Project: Proposal for an enhancement itinerary of the coastal

towers and the inland farms ‘Masserie’ of Terra d’Arneo

The Re-Urbanization of Waste

Polytechnic University of Turin + University of Turin

Building Peace in Mosul, A propulsion system for returnees

Polytechnic University of Milan

Waliców, Fortress of Memory

KU Leuven

A Heart We Share - The Garden of Beirut


Architecture and Flood Permitting Cities - Urban flooding as incentive for positive incremental change

Amsterdam University of the Arts

Academy of Architecture

Un-United Nations Headquarters


Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences

Following up the foregoing

Delft University of Technology

Living Landscape of Quebrada Jaime

Sino-African Counterpoints

Wageningen University & Research

Campanhã Urban Park

Karlsruhe Institute of Technology

The Public: Station with temporary living for the city of Hamburg


Technical University of Berlin


University of Stuttgart

Decoding Shanghai: Neighborhood among millions

University of Alicante

Entomomaniac - The Architecture of revulsion


Moscow Institute of Architecture

Reincarnation Network: Mumbai mixed housing






America & Australia

Harvard University

Rebuild Normality


Rain Bridge

Cornell University

No Cure? Caring for Burnout in a Neoliberal Age

Meltdown: Glacial artifacts for projective futures

Hidden Villa

Southern California Institute of Architecture

Shaping Face

Supple Demeanor


Playful Objects

American Ground

University of Pennsylvania

Synthetic Cultures

University of Toronto

Developing with Water: A Landscape-driven regulatory framework


University of São Paulo



National University of Córdoba

Social Re-integration Center - Typological essay on a new concept for juvenile jails


University of New South Wales

Hybrid in Timber: UNSW collaborative precinct



A Space for Space: The UNSW faculty of space science & engineering

How Not to Die: A Guide to Student Wellness

Recycling Precinct: Investing in a sustainable future

Timber Innovation Lab

University of Melbourne

Now Here






Chinese University of Hong Kong



Post-Digital Timber Architecture: Catenary structure

Reading-, Telling- and Writing Architecture

In Praise of Slowness - A slow factory as alternative in modern speed

Material Authenticity:

Searching for the meaning of authenticity through wood in Dong minority village

National Cheng Kung University

Sand Epitaph - Harbor transformation on constructing dredging sand


Somewhere Far, Far, Away

Calligraphy and Architecture

Rest on the Red Hill - A barren place to stay

Disclosing Garden: Vernacular botanical garden as city′s disclosure based on underground railway

Yildiz Technical University




The Pavilion of Color Ecology



School of Planning and Architecture, New Delhi

International Convention Center Prayagraj


Balwant Sheth School of Architecture

Evolution of Modern Architecture in India

Sushant School of Art and Architecture

Convention Center, Dwarka, Delhi

Mumbai University

Ross Island: A case of perishing paradise

CEPT University

Man, Material, Manifestation

Reconstructing Majhi Gaun, Nepal - Earthquake resistant non-engineered houses

McGan’s Ooty School of Architecture

Home for the Escaped - Transitional Housing for the Rohingya refugees

National University of Singapore

The Feeding Border: Re-imagining straits of Johor as cross-border urban commons


NYC’s Gastro - Flora Hub

Mixed-Used Prototypical Housing Skyscraper

University of Tokyo

Responsive Shell


Korea University

Living above the City

South Korea

Jongno Platform for All, DURUMARU

O-Kids World: Vertical kids theme park

Smart Compact City: Systemic utopia

Light Up

Yonsei University

Recycling City: Single-loaded apartment extension project

New Basic

Creating Yeonhui-dong Market: Saruga? Palruga!


Hanyang University

Shipping Mall

Oil Rig Renovation

Urban Chimney



Hongik University

Seoul Jaedong Elementary School Complex Plan

Seosomun Apartment

The Apartkids: A generation grown from apartment complex

Seoul Metro Logistics

Back in Time




Middle East

King Abdulaziz University

Mosque Oriented Community Center

Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

American University of Beirut

Resilience: Community center for Zahle


185 En-Counters

Lebanese American University

Bachoura Restoration School

American University of Sharjah

Desert Office Network and Hub, Outskirts of Dubai


Workers’ Clinic and Community Center, Dubai Al Quoz area

Recycling Dubai’s Aluminum, Dubai Al Quoz area

Birds’ Sanctuary, Dubai Ras Al Khor lake

Cairo University

Collider Startup Incubator in Azbakeya


Rising: Contemporary traditionalist arts center

RIYADAH Leadership: Youth business center & Educational theme park

Ain Shams University


Revival 2018: Development of Hurghada city, Egypt

Mansoura university

Hydropower Research Center

Bezalel Academy of Art and Design


Tryouts on Living in the City: Four possible homes


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