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테마 아키텍츠 Theme Architecture 1~6
List Price US $76, KR \72,000
Net Price US $63, KR \60,000
Size 22cm x 30cm
Pages 각권 264
Color Full Color
Language English, Korean
Cover Hard cover
ISBN Set 978-89-5770-512-4

′TA(Theme Architecture) Series′ is a work collection by themes, in order to provide in-depth information for architecture we can see around. This book is planned as a series containing domestic and international works with the highest level of completeness among recently completed works. There are 6 themes, Exhibition & Culture, Office, Education, Small Building, Residence and Public & Welfare providing many pictures and drawings to assist in better understanding.


우리 주변에서 자주 접할 수 있는 건축물에 대한 심도있는 정보를 제공하고자 테마별 작품집 ‘TA(Theme Architecture/테마 건축) Series’를 발간했다. 이 책은 국내·외 최근 완공작품 중 가장 완성도가 높은 작품들을 담아 기획되었으며, 전시·문화(EXHIBITION & CULTURE), 사무(OFFICE), 교육(EDUCATION), 소형빌딩(SMALL BUILDING), 주거(RESIDENCE), 공공·복지시설(PUBLIC·WELFARE)의 6가지 테마작품들을 풍부한 사진과 도면을 함께 소개해 쉬운 이해를 돕고 있다.