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[E-Book] A-Detail 6
Net Price US $69, KR \57,200
Size 22cm x 30cm
Pages 272
Color Full Color
Language English, Korean
Cover Hard cover
ISBN 978-89-5770-720-3
Subscription Limited term of 1 year (구독기한 : 구매후1년)

′A-Detail′ published at this time maximizes differentiation from other single books by adding a high level of detailed materials which cannot be easily found on the internet as well as basic materials such as internal/external images of the building, plane, facade and cross-sectional diagram by strictly selecting the high level of buildings recently completed. will become the best guidelines for architecture students, professionals and ordinary people. It is desired that the readers will obtain new ideas and insights through this book.


′A-Detail′은 최근 완공작 중 높은 수준의 건물들을 엄선하여 건축물의 내·외부 이미지, 평면, 입면, 단면, 다이어그램과 같은 기본적인 자료 뿐 아니라 인터넷에서도 쉽게 접할 수 없는 수준 높은 디테일 자료들을 추가 구성하여 다른 단행본과의 차별화를 극대화 하였다. 

대학(원)생 및 건축 관련 종사자 그리고 일반인들을 위한 최고의 지침서가 될 것이고 이 책을 통해 독자들이 새로운 아이디어와 폭넓은 혜안을 얻기 바란다.


Vol. 6



CFPA - Automative Technology Center [:Spain]
Tornhuset – Malmö [:Sweden]
Bergeron Centre for Engineering Excellence [:Canada]
Simone Veil’s Group of Schools [:France]
Silver Mountain & Red Cliff Senzoku Gakuen College of Music [:Japan]
New Building +E Kita in Marburg [:Germany]
120-Division School [:China]
La Source, Media Library and Centre for Eco-Citizenship [:France]
Student Residence + Childcare Center [:France]
Moulins Lower Secondary School and Cultural Center [:Frace]



Rhike Park, Music Theatre and Exhibition Hall [:Georgia]
Antalya Aquarium [:Turkey]
Pierre Lassonde Pavilion [:Canada]
Open Courts Complex in Kayser [:Turkey]
Europe-Far East Gallery [:Poland]
The Flow [:France]
Mariehøj Cultural Centre [:Denmark]
JCC Art Center [:Korea]
Artist Studio and Workshop in Sonoma County [:U.S.A.]
Cultural Center La Gota - Tabacoo Museum [:Spain]
Marubi National Museum
of Photography [:Albania]



Löyly [:Finland]
KMYF [:India]
Yingliang Stone Archive [:China]
Sonnenhof [:Germany]
Misa-Gangbyeon Church [:Korea]
Byblos Town Hall [:Lebanon]
Kol Shalom [:U.S.A.]

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