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[E-Book] I-Housing 3
List Price US $185, KR \198,000
Net Price US $138, KR \138,600
Size 26cm x 30cm
Pages 636
Color Full Color
Language English, Korean
ISBN 978-89-5770-716-6
Subscription Limited term of 1 year (구독기한 : 구매후1년)

‘I·HOUSING Ⅲ’ where one can grasp the global housing trend holds 23 Europe, 34 America, 14 Oceania, 36 Asia and 18 apartment houses, total of 125 recently completed works. This book suggests the direction for housing to head toward by showing the houses and housing concept that rapidly changes as the concept of family changes through various work.  


 ‘I·HOUSING ’는 최근 완공된 유럽 23개, 아메리카 34개, 오세아니아 14개, 아시아 36개, 공동주택 18개 총 125개의 작품을 담고 있다. 이 책은 가족에 대한 개념이 바뀌며, 급속도로 변해가는 주택과 주거개념을 다양한 작품을 통해 보여줌으로써 앞으로 주택이 나아가야하는 방향을 제시하고 있다.





House Daasdonklaan, Netherlands

Flexhouse, Switzerland

Villa Tirana, Albania
House with Winery, Czech Republic

Backwater, England
Living Garden House in Izbica, Poland

JC House, Portugal

Swiss Simplicity, Switzerland

Konieczny′s Ark, Poland

Chalandri Residence, Greece

QL House, Portugal

MM House, Spain

The Quest, England

Woodpeckers, England

Flying Box, France
G3 House, Romania

House L27, Portugal

Lofthouse I, Netherlands

Single-family House in Puerto de la Torre, Spain

House in Sant Cugat, Spain

Likidamdar House, Chile

No.49 Lewisham, England
House with 11 Views, Netherlands



The “Blanche” Chalet, Canada

Wave House, USA

House Lens, Brazil

Hemmingford House, Canada
46H, Canada

House JJ, Brazil
Two Beams House, Brazil

LPZ House, Mexico
Relmar House, Canada

Casa Xixim, Mexico
Sonoma Residence, USA

Skyline House, USA

Zn House, Canada
Estrade Residence, Canada

Amalfi Drive Residence, USA

Garden Void House, Canada

Fazenda Boa Vista, Brazil

Quiosque EL165, Brazil
Ex of in House, USA

BF House, Brazil

DS House, Brazil

Skygarden House, Canada

Glass Wall House, USA

PM House, México

Modern Atrium House, USA

Stinson Beach Lagoon Residence, USA

NORDET Residence, Canada

EQUINOXE Residence, Canada

Mathewson Residence, USA

ARBALETE Residence, Canada

Garrison Residence, USA

Amoroso Studio, USA

Residence BT, Canada

Nook Residence, Canada



Flying House, Korea


HWA HUN, Korea
Wall House, Kuwait

N2 House, Israel
Seongbuk-dong House, Korea

22 Toh Yi Road, Singapore

SRK, Japan
Hafye, Japan

The Cocoon House, Vietnam

House WOO, Korea

Bahar House, Iran
RISH H., Korea

Namyangju H House, Korea
Astrid Hill House, Singapore

Le plan libre, Taiwan
Trevose House, Singapore

Ficus House, Singapore
AAK Villa, Bahrain

Island House, Korea

Three Gardens House, Kuwait

Hanok 3.0, Korea

L71 House, Thailand

Somjai House, Thailand

Unjung 911 House, Korea
Bongpyeong Muiri House, Korea

The 1 House, Korea
W Residence, Korea

Happy House, Korea

Landform House, Russia

Garden Home at Rienzi Street, Singapore

OJI House, Japan
STH, Vietnam

One House, Korea

ARK, Japan



THAT House, Australia

Mosman Bay House, Australia

GARTH, Australia

Randwick House, Australia

The Creek House, Australia

Applecross Residence, Australia

Trigg Point House, Australia

Tunnel House, Australia

Rosebery, Australia

Mills, The Toy Management House, Australia

Corner House, Australia

Breeze Block House, Australia

Victorian Residence, Australia

Clerestory House, Australia



‘UNIK’ Apartments, France

The Cube, Lebanon

Apartman 18, Turkey

The Docks, France

Kitasenzoku Apartment, Japan

Studio 18, India

Cornerstone, Korea

Le Toison d’Or, Brussels

Glanhof 1, Austria

Spectrum Apartments, Australia

Rouen Apartment, France

Black Mass, USA

Just BE, Mexico

Villa Kali, Lebanon

Zeynep Hanim Villas, Turkey

2 Girls Building, Australia

youCUBE, Canada

TRAYS apartment in Sagamihara, Japan