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THEME_Landscape + Architecture Ⅱ Vol. 3, 4 (Set)
List Price US $230, KR \258,000
Net Price US $138, KR \154,800
Size 22cm x 30cm
Pages 1048
Color Full Color
Language English, Korean
Cover Hard cover / Case
ISBN Set 978-89-5770-475-2

′THEME2_Landscape + Architecture′ is a series of books consisting completed and planned works in landscaping and architectural field by themes. The Volume 1 introduces parks, street/square and governmental/public agencies, and Volume 2 covers waterfronts/resorts, residential facilities/rooftop garden, and sculpture/bridge/playground. It will be a major collection covering outstanding projects in overall landscaping and architectural field with the selection of excellent domestic/overseas about 180 works and editing in detailed explanations, drawings and images.

′THEME2_Landscape + Architecture′는 조경, 건축분야의 완공 작품을 테마별로 나뉘어 구성한 책이다. 1권은 공원, 가로&광장, 관공서&공공기관, 2권은 워터프론트&리조트, 주거시설&옥상정원, 설치물, 교량, 놀이터의 작품을 소개하고 있다. 이 책은 총 두 권에 걸쳐 국내외의 우수한 작품을 선별하여 디테일한 설명과 도면 및 이미지 등으로 편집되어 약 180개의 작품이 수록되었다.




Gardens by the Bay
Music Park in Seville
Kic Park
Urban Space and Underground Car Park
Grand Park
Darling Quarter
Campa de Los Ingleses Park
Mandela Park
Sejong Lake Park
The Greater Charleston Naval Base Memorial
Gwanggyo Lakeside Park
Miami Beach SoundScape / Lincoln Park
Graphisoft Park
Park Killesberg
Park am Gleisdreieck- West
Changzhou DaoSheng Center
Pak Tsz Lane Park
Jade Garden
Fran and Ray Stark
Mount Royal Park – Peel Entrance



The long road to a new square
Pop Rocks
Place Émilie-Gamelin
Piazza Gae Aulenti
Ricard Vines Square
Town Hall Square
Shoemaker Green
Parc Hydro-Québec
5th and Madison
City Street, Robinson Street & Station North Plaza
Myriad Botanical Gardens
Centro Abierto de Actividades Ciudadanas
Guri Art Hall
Cour de Loges
Pause Court and The Lawn Hill
Måløv Axis
Zollhallen Plaza
Tokyu Plaza Omotesando Harajuku
Caspar van Wittelplantsoen
National 9/11 Memorial
Hypar Pavilion at Lincoln Center
Hollywood & Vine - Metro Portal and Plaza
Square Dorchester



Geografia Habitable Outdoors Space
Porsche Pavilion
Crater Lake
Golden Moon
Arganzuela Footbridge
Lotus Sculpture
Vinaròs Sea Pavilion
Tiger and Turtle – Magic Mountain
Slinky Springs to Fame
Kumutoto Toilets
Bamboo Pavilion
Holland Eco Garden Xi’an
Archifest Zero Waste Pavilion
Dymaxion Sleep
GS Caltex Pavilion
Arena Teques
BarCODE Luminescence
Bus Stop Symbiosis
Surface Deep
the REAL estate
Pole Dance
Osdorp oever
Mount-Royal Park’s Playground
Lake Palace
Bahndeckel Theresienhöhe
Green Shift
Blokhoeve, Nieuwegein
Giraffe Childcare Center
Montessori School Fuji Kindergarten




The City Deck
Pearl River Beer Factory
Del Pino Golf & Resort
Nodal Water Garden
31st Street Harbor
Baie de Beauport
Padaro Lane
Urban Redevelopment of the Plaza Del Milenio
Trafford Wharf Promenade
Paseo MarÍimo de la Playa Poniente
Holstebro Storaa Stream
Promenade Samuel-de Champlain
Development of the Meurthe to Raon L′Étape
Tjuvholmen Icon Complex
Hornsbergs Strandpark
Trollstigen Tourist Route Project
Kalvebod Waves
Jack Nicklaus Golf Club Korea
Madrid RIO
Erie Street Plaza
Mission Hills Haikou



Family Garden

St. Pancras Church Garden

Life@Ladprao 18 Condominium Garden

Bridle Road Residence
Private Garden
Garden of Memory
Cape Nidhra Hotel
Tepoztlán Lounge
House In Quinta Patino
The Pool House
The Kaos Garden
Edgeland House

Byulnae City Ssangyong Yega
8 House
Vanishing Point

Line Dance, Unity 1&2

Nest Hous, Singapore

2C House
Trump Towers
LOTTE Mall Gimpo Airport Sky Park
Science and Culture Center in Dongguk University
Thermal Bath, therapy and Hotel-Bad Gleichenberg
Ewha Women’s Univ. Mokdong Hospital
Nathan Phillips Square Podium Green Roof Garden
San Francisco Residence


Government/Public agency
Buk Seoul Museum of Art
BGU university entrance square  & art gallery
Library of Birmingham  interated with the REP theatre
Northern highschool leeuwarden
717 Bourke street
Libson aquiarium new extension
NSENGI Kitakyushu tecnnology  center
Gap headquarters
Stadel museum
Brooklyn botanic garden  visitor center
Amstelveen zonnehuis care home
The campus park at Umea  university
The Competition of Open Space  in the College of Humanities, Seoul National University
Poongsan Corporation
The Hive Worcester Library  Landscape
The Avenue
Busan National University  YangSan Hospital
Nueva School
National Circus School
Gatineau Sports Centre
For Werk aan′t Spoel
Blocs 77 Condominium
Riverside Origami- Millenium  City Center